Welcome to Laksforsen Restaurant

5/27/191:05 PM Viktor Håkonsen

As in generations past, our family proudly welcomes you to enjoy a hearty traditional meal, while savouring the spectacular view of Laksforsen falls. You can actually feel the thunder of the falls – and if you look carefully, you may see salmon jumping against the powerful current to make their way to their spawning grounds upstream.

Laksforsen is still family owned and family operated, and we prepare every dish according to time-honoured recipes. We have been serving traditional food to travellers for generations.

Our menu reflects the culinary heritage of the Rana, Hemnes and Grane districts, as well as Gudbrandsdalen in Southern Norway, although we may add our own twist. We insist on using the very best local ingredients.

May we tempt you with poached salmon, served with cucumber salad, sour cream, and boiled potatoes with melted butter?

A bit of historical trivia regarding te dish;  salmon used to be so plentiful in the local rivers that the contracts of some farm-workers stipulated that they “be served salmon no more than five days a week”!